Social Impact Programme

We have set up a programme to help non-profit organisations, as well as small for-profits with strong values-based aims, with political and policy issues on a pro bono basis. This is aimed at organisations that would not otherwise have access to our services, especially those pursuing causes that our colleagues are passionate about. Successful applicants would be able to benefit from our skills and expertise through a tailored fixed-term consultancy engagement. 

Find out more about the programme here.


Applications are now closed.

Organisations that are successful in the first round will be invited to discuss in more depth how we may be able to help them. Questions can be directed to [email protected].

Work so far

REDRESS - providing advocacy support around Magnitsky sanctions policy in the UK

REDRESS is a legal NGO based in London that works with survivors of torture to obtain justice and reparations for violations of human rights. Their most high-profile case is supporting Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. REDRESS takes a dual approach, representing the individual that has faced ill-treatment, as well as targeting the policy factors that have enabled the human rights violation to take place. REDRESS therefore combines legal expertise with policy and advocacy and communications to further their objectives. 

REDRESS came to us with two challenges principally around strategy and capacity building. First, REDRESS wanted to be able to engage effectively in advocacy around the UK’s Global Human Rights Sanctions programme, which permits the government to impose asset freezes and travel bans on the perpetrators of serious human rights violations across the world. Second, REDRESS wanted to develop their own in-house advocacy expertise to deploy for future campaigning.

As with other GC clients, we have provided a combination of strategic advice, internal knowledge-sharing, and a suite of products to help them execute their advocacy strategy in an effective way. 

Working with REDRESS was a joy – their hugely committed, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team meant that we learned huge amounts. Having completed the initial project we will continue to offer longer-term support, including quarterly strategy reviews.

FEBA – shaping the policy debate

The European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is a Brussels-based NGO representing more than 300 food banks in 29 countries, playing a critical role in society to facilitate the redistribution of food and provide greater access to those in need. FEBA also works to reduce food waste. FEBA and its members have hands-on experience in tackling food loss and waste prevention across the supply chains, from production to sale. 

FEBA came to us with two strategic priorities. First, to engage with the European Commission’s planned EU Farm to Fork Strategy - in particular the establishment of food waste targets in 2023 - and second, to strengthen their position and visibility among EU policymakers, in particular around the debate on preventing food waste and reducing food insecurity. 

We supported FEBA by providing extra bandwidth to the FEBA team through providing monitoring of key developments and delivering regular monitoring reports. These were used both for their members and as wider input for FEBA’s outreach activities and public consultations responses. We also worked alongside FEBA to develop a policy paper on food waste targets, creating a detailed stakeholder map specifying relevant policymakers. As a result, FEBA hosted an event that was well attended by EU policymakers, officials and wider stakeholders to present this work.

FEBA continues to execute their stakeholder engagement plans and we look forward to supporting them with their vital work on engaging with these important policy dossiers in the EU. 

About Global Counsel

Global Counsel helps organisations in different sectors to understand how politics, policy and regulation affect them in practice. We enable our clients to respond to the challenges and opportunities that they face in these areas and to anticipate how they might change. 

Our team has experience in politics and policymaking in national governments and international institutions. With offices in Brussels, London, Singapore, Doha and Washington DC, we can advise on a wide range of topics across numerous geographies.

Who can apply?

  • Not-for-profit organisations worldwide such as charities, NGOs, educational institutions, and foundations.
  • Small for-profit organisations with strong values-based aims, such as social enterprises or small businesses with an emphasis on positively impacting society.
  • Organisations registered with their respective regulator, where relevant.
  • Organisations that would not otherwise have access to our services.
  • Organisations with a policy or political challenge that we can help with.

What can we offer?

We are flexible and will make an offer tailored to the successful applicant(s). As a starting point for the discussion, we could offer one of the following:

  • A short report on a policy or political issue, for internal use e.g. in planning and decision-making.
  • A short report on a policy or political issue, to be published externally e.g. for thought-leadership on an issue.
  • Help you prepare and deliver an online event on a policy or political issue.
  • Political strategy & advocacy planning, e.g. identifying key stakeholders for you to engage with on an issue and create an engagement strategy and narrative.