Senior Associate

Florence is a senior associate in the Health and Life Sciences practice at Global Counsel. Before joining Global Counsel, Florence worked in the UK Government’s Office for Life Sciences, where she led development of innovation policies across topics such as obesity, NHS uptake, data and clinical trials. Prior to this, she worked in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ Chief Scientific Advisor's Office with a focus on EU Exit. Florence has an MSC in public health and a BA in biomedical sciences. 
At GC Florence works to support health and life sciences clients to navigate political, policy and regulatory challenges.

Recent examples of her work include:

  • Supporting clients in the pharmaceutical sector to understand, develop policy and advocacy positions on, and engage with anticipated changes to EU legislation. 
  • Providing analysis and insights on the UK political landscape for policies relating life sciences innovation and sector growth. 
  • Working with national and international trade associations to develop strategic objectives in the context of global macroeconomic and political change, and rapidly developing technologies.


Latest Insights by Florence Chalker

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After the Summit, what next for regulating generative AI?


In a special episode of the podcast, Conan D'Arcy and members of the GC team in London, Brussels and Washington, DC reflect on the outcomes of the AI Safety Summit, held in the UK last week, and explore outcomes of new, original research about public and policymaker appetite for AI regulation in 2024 and beyond.

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Regulating Generative AI


Over the decade in which Global Counsel has analysed global technology policy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has persisted as the regulatory challenge with the greatest resonance both to the technology sector, but also almost every other sector of the economy.  

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