Joseph is an Analyst working across multiple practices at GC. He previously completed an internship at the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in China and has worked as a market research analyst. He was also a freelance writer at EA WorldView, a website that reports on and analyses global politics. He holds an MSc in European and International Public Policy from the London School of Economics.

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Examining the geopolitical and macroeconomic environment and analysing the impact of policy changes on clients across a range of sectors.
  • Reviewing and producing research on the economic effects of the pandemic and the policy implications for clients.
  • Supporting clients with their understanding of regulatory and policy issues and assisting with stakeholder engagement.

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Fixing the UK’s labour market woes will require a focus on health, early retirement and immigration

General Policy

The UK has a labour market problem. It is the only developed economy that saw the share of working-age citizens outside the labour market continue to rise after the initial pandemic jolt. Both Labour and the Conservatives appear to understand the importance of tackling the problem, perhaps because the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) has identified the reduced size…

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Macro matters: Global themes for 2023

General Policy

The world economy enters the new year on shaky ground. The post-pandemic rebound is losing steam. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the geopolitical fallout is being felt across the globe. Inflation, rising interest rates and the strong US dollar are impacting countries in every region of the world. Major advanced economies are set to slow – or even contract - in 2023,…

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