Rachel is an Associate in the Political Due Diligence practice at Global Counsel. Rachel previously worked as a Senior Policy and Public Affairs Advisor at a trade body. Her focus was upon how policy affected consumers’ ability to access justice in the UK’s civil justice systems. Prior to that, Rachel worked as a policy advisor in the music industry. 

At GC, Rachel helps investors to mitigate political risk and understand the policy implications linked to asset purchases and acquisitions in the UK and internationally.

Recent examples of her work include:

  • Providing an investor with reputational and political risk analysis on the UK aesthetic medical sector.
  • Analysing UK and EU government proposals for energy frameworks.
  • Advising a private equity client on how UK political parties view levels of addiction and related treatments, and how this may evolve in the short-to medium-term.

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ADR: an imperative for businesses and government

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The court system in England and Wales is characterised by lengthy delays and a substantial backlog of cases. These problems are significant barriers to access to justice and have been exacerbated, although not caused, by the effective shut down of the courts during the covid-19 pandemic.

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