Senior Associate

Radostina is a Senior Associate in the Climate and Sustainability team at Global Counsel. She is an international climate and sustainability expert with a decade of experience in the fields of international climate policies, European energy transition and sustainable development through different roles in the public, private and research sectors. She is also a core group member of the Working Group “Horizontal Stakeholder Strategy” of the Just Transition Platform set up by the European Commission where she is an Action leader on the development of methodologies for the design of just transition projects. She was also a member of the Consultative Council on the Implementation of the European Green Deal at the Council of Ministers in Bulgaria.

As a previous Director of the Energy and Climate Programme of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation European Union in Brussels, she provided advice to European and international delegations on topics related to climate policies, energy transition and sustainable agriculture.

At GC, Radostina provides policy and regulatory advice on a broad range of European climate, sustainability, and green transition policy areas and assists clients to understand both the risks and opportunities. 

Recent examples of her work include:

  • Supporting clients in understanding quickly evolving regulatory areas including EU energy security challenges, building renovation, recycling requirements, plastics, waste, chemicals, critical raw materials, and resource strategies globally
  • Working with companies to expand into and explore new opportunities through identifying entry points and ensuring clients are targeting the right decisionmakers and stakeholders in the right places with the right messages
  • Contributed to a report providing advice to Qatar and other arid countries on developing a circular economy strategy