Practice Lead, Health and life sciences
Tom Smith

Tom is the practice lead for health and life sciences. Prior to joining Global Counsel, he held roles in a public affairs consultancy and in the UK Parliament. 

At GC, Tom works with corporates and investors in the pharmaceutical, health tech and health services sectors to understand and navigate policy and political challenges.

Recent examples of his work include:  

  • Supporting clients in the pharmaceutical sector to engage with the UK government on R&D, IP, regulation and reimbursement policy.  
  • Advising health software providers on their advocacy with government and the NHS. 
  • Working with investors to navigate risks and opportunities in the life sciences value chain. 

Latest Insights by Tom Smith

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Building resilience in the life sciences supply chain

Trade & Manufacturing

On a recent event for the Global Counsel network, Daniel Capparelli, Practice Lead, Trade; Tom Smith, Practice Lead, Health and Elly Darkin, Associate, discussed key challenges facing the life sciences supply chain, and how resilient has it proven so far.

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Growth and sustainability of MedTech SMEs

General Policy

Promoting the growth and sustainability of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) has long been a UK government priority with a compelling policy story: alongside recognisable corporate giants in the life sciences and MedTech sectors, the UK will be wanting to continue to support the vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurialism with a wide range of SMEs contributing to the R…

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The pitfalls of vaccine salvation

General Policy

As clinical trials for covid-19 vaccines begin to produce sufficient evidence to begin the regulatory approval process and scale-up manufacture, governments, especially in the UK, face a whole range of new challenges. Many will resemble those of the earlier phases of the pandemic and will be shaped by the experience of managing the first peak and the subsequent attempts…

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The future of the physician: practice and policy

General Policy

Globally there is a growing gap between supply and demand of medical professionals. Advanced healthcare systems such as the UK’s National Health Service are no exception. Vacancy rates across the service have increased and waiting lists for elective care across a range of specialisms are at politically unsustainable highs. For NHS policymakers, this is fundamentally a…

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