Pivots or policy continuity? China in 2023 with Xi and his new team

Digital in conversation with Jens Presthus and Alicia García-Herrero, Senior Fellow at Bruegel and Chief Economist for the Asia-Pacific at Natixis, discussing the latest on real estate reform, foreign policy and the role of private enterprise in industrial policy in President Xi Jinping's "revamped China".

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Modernising SPS Controls: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK's new Trusted Trader Schemes


In-person conference in London convened by clearBorder and Global Counsel to discuss SPS controls in the Target Operating Model (TOM). The agenda explores what policy needs and what technology can do to improve one of the world's most dynamic and complex borders. We will also be joined by Adrian Jones, CEO, and Elise Elan, Market Development Director - Future Borders, Capita.