UK flash call: The deal on the Northern Ireland Protocol: What next?


Despite nearly three years having passed since the U.K. officially left the EU, the NI protocol has long remained a problem in search of a solution. It has led to the collapse of the devolved government in Northern Ireland, threats of a trade war and a protracted period of negotiation between the UK and EU, during which resolution on most other topics has been stalled.

We discussed:

  • The shape of the deal and what it changes in practice for business;
  • Its impact on the UK’s future relationship with the EU;
  • Its consequences for Sunak’s premiership;
  • Its implications for the political impasse in Northern Ireland.
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Modernising SPS Controls: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK's new Trusted Trader Schemes


In-person conference in London convened by clearBorder and Global Counsel to discuss SPS controls in the Target Operating Model (TOM). The agenda explores what policy needs and what technology can do to improve one of the world's most dynamic and complex borders. We will also be joined by Adrian Jones, CEO, and Elise Elan, Market Development Director - Future Borders, Capita.