The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a moment of great sadness and reflection. For many in Britain she was the most prominent and permanent figure in their lives beyond their immediate family - and I would include myself in this category. Her reign was of historic proportions. She served so long her first prime minister, Winston Churchill, was born over a century before her last prime minister. No other figure in history has spanned such a period and had such cultural resonance, familiar to generations across the globe simply as “The Queen”. While the Royal Family could not be outwardly more different to the vast majority of British families, she was able to embed herself into the nation’s consciousness with charm and dignity. The nation, in turn, responded with affection and respect.

Over the next fortnight there will be plenty of opportunities to mark her passing, and my colleagues and I at Global Counsel will do this in our own personal way. Her Majesty’s funeral the week after next will bring the eyes of the world to London. We will follow from afar, supporting our clients and colleagues as best we can to understand the impact of what we are witnessing, and marking the passing of a truly remarkable woman.

Benjamin Wegg-Prosser
Managing Director