Case Study

A KPI methodology for measuring the EU’s industrial competitiveness


The European Round Table for Industry (ERT) is the EU’s leading association of large industrial firms. It wanted to ensure that member’s perspectives on the EU’s industrial competitiveness were taken into consideration by the European Commission as it developed a new set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the EU economy.  


Working closely with the association and its members, we developed a methodological framework for developing KPIs. We then drafted a co-branded policy paper which proposed a set of key performance indicators for EU industrial competitiveness. It was later presented to the European Commission and EU Council. 


The report helped to refine and amplify the ERT’s thought leadership on key performance indicators, including coverage in key media outlets, such as the Financial Times and Handelsblatt and an invitation to discuss the paper with policymakers in the EU Council and European Commission. The European Commission’s own KPIs released in May 2021 reflected the ERT’s proposal and the association is now leading the work of the Industrial Forum on KPIs, in collaboration with the European Commission, member states and other trade associations.  

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