Case Study

A regular set of analysis and insight for engaging the US and EU policy process


Responsible for representing the interests of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the client wanted to develop a strategy for how to engage with the policy process on both sides of the Atlantic. 


As part of our ongoing work, we provide comprehensive and customised analysis, monitoring, and intelligence gathering on domestic and cross-border policy developments such as US-UK trade negotiations, the WTO debate over the TRIPs waiver, EU, UK and US industrial policy and life sciences regulation. 

We also provide the client with stakeholder mapping and strategic advice for engaging with the policy process at the national and international level in the EU and UK.  


Our analysis and intelligence have been used by the client to develop and deliver constructive engagement around US-UK trade negotiations and debate at the WTO on TRIPS waiver. Our advice has also positioned the client to develop its outreach in a way that reflects the policy priorities of its public sector partners.

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