Case Study

A strategy for engaging legislative bodies transparently and substantively


Our client had been called to appear for the first time at a legislative hearing. Having never given evidence before such a hearing, they wanted to understand both the process and protocols of the evidence process and to ensure that they used the opportunity to engage substantively on issues they cared about.


We worked with the client to developed a briefing book addressing the topics the company was likely to be scrutinised on, and to refine their argumentation for robustness and accuracy. As part of the preparation process, we ran a simulation hearing to re-create the experience of giving evidence and to help our client further refine their responses to possible lines of questioning. We also encouraged the client to use the process as a chance to reflect on their external communication with policymakers more generally.  We supported the client develop an approach which was engaging and transparent, seeking to leverage the opportunity rather mitigate against the risks.


Intensive preparation helped ensure a confident, effective committee appearance. The client was able to describe their business model clearly and simply and to expand lines of questioning into areas of interest. They subsequently used this external scrutiny to ensure their procedures were best-in-class and to demonstrate the strength of their business unit to their global HQ. The preparation process was used as a model for future engagement with policymakers, ensuring they engage with senior policymakers in an open and responsive way.

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