Case Study

Comprehensive cross-border due diligence on a complex investment


Our client was considering an investment in a B2C lighting business, sourcing products from all over the world (especially Asia) and selling into various end-markets in North America and Europe.


GC provided a top-to-bottom assessment of the company’s resilience against structural changes in the logistics arena stemming from Brexit and other geopolitical risks, and assessed the feasibility of diversifying suppliers of components to reduce reliance on Chinese producers. To deliver the work we drew upon teams in London, Washington DC, Brussels and Singapore, incorporating analysis from our PDD, USA policy, trade and ESG teams into one concise report.


The client provided a testimonial of our work: “Global Counsel quickly helped us form a view on geo-political risk, the taxation environment and ESG considerations in the supply chain, all in the backdrop of a highly complex environment driven by Brexit, the US election and US-China trade tensions. They were able to help us quantify and qualify a pragmatic risk-based approach. Their ability to empirically test and validate their thesis using a network of active policy makers and governmental bodies was particularly valuable and impressive.”

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