Case Study

A thought leadership strategy for engaging debate on global investment issues


The client requested advice and assistance to contextualise perspectives on global investment issues in current academic debate and to help promote them as a mission statement that transcends the family office’s direct equity investments. 


We worked closely with the client to create the concept of “Engaged Capital,” which aims to increase productive investment globally. We drafted an academically grounded foundation paper and opinion pieces placed in global publications, while helping the client to position the family at the forefront of these issues. 

We continue to provide ongoing advice to the client on their global expansion plans, including introductions to like-minded families in Asia, Europe, and the US. We have also worked in tandem with a leading business school to publish a peer reviewed paper. 


Due to our support on thought leadership, media engagement and practical advice regarding their global expansion, the client’s network has expanded, and their name recognition has been enhanced among private investors globally, encouraging better access to private investment deals in the future.   

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