Ahmed leads GC's MENA practice. Ahmed has spent his career working between government and political analysis. He has had roles in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Doha. In recent years he has worked in the US and produced regular commentary on economic issues, sustainability and wider regulatory issues.

At GC he assists clients seeking to understand political and policy trends impacting on international investors seeking to deploy capital in the Gulf and local entities looking to develop their commercial footprint.

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Caught in the crosshairs: The Middle East and the US-China Cold War

General Policy

On January 10th, the foreign ministers of four Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait, concluded a first-of-its-kind Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) visit to China to consolidate ties with Beijing. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi hosted his Gulf counterparts in the city of Wuxi in eastern China and subsequently hosted the foreign ministers of Turkey and…

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Stuck in the middle: the MENA perspective on US-China relations

General Policy

This episode is part of our annual conference 'The Politics of'. This year's edition, 'The Politics of Decoupling', will present a global perspective on China’s industrial and political strategy for the next decade, and how it will affect its relationship with western-aligned countries.

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Could rising energy prices leave the industry out in the cold?

Energy & Commodities

Energy prices have been rising across the world over the past weeks. Energy prices fluctuations have already occurred in the past, but this time the world is emerging from a global pandemic and high gas and power prices could hamper recovery. End consumers impoverished by covid-19 are now faced with higher bills, and businesses are either pushed out of the market or…

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