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Where we are

Established global footprint, informed by local expertise

The Global Counsel team work globally from our offices in Berlin, Brussels, London, Singapore, Washington DC and Doha. Bringing together our policy, sectoral and thematic practices, our clients can draw on any part of the global team to inform local strategy or to understand the bigger picture. 


Advising clients on the forces that drive policymaking in Europe’s largest economy

Global Counsel’s team in Berlin helps corporates and investors to understand the tensions, trade-offs and political arithmetic behind policymaking both in Germany as well as its role and interests in a changing global economy.

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Unlocking the potential of the European market with our expert policy and regulatory guidance

Global Counsel in Brussels provides advice and strategic support to businesses navigating political, policy and regulatory developments in the EU institutions and EU member states.

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Creating public value and competitive advantage

Global Counsel’s work in MENA focuses on supporting international investors and corporates understand how the political dynamics of the region will impact on their assets, businesses or future plans. This work has focused on the key themes relevant to the region ranging from the shift to net zero through to trade disruption.

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Providing strategic advice to corporates and investors amidst UK political and policy uncertainty

Global Counsel’s UK team have spent decades making and advising on public policy at the highest levels within Whitehall and Westminster. We help clients build strategies which reflect the unprecedented political and policy uncertainty facing corporates and investors located in, or investing in, the UK.

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Unpacking the unique risks and opportunities of doing business in Asia

Global Counsel’s work in Asia focuses on cross-border trade and investment between Asia and Europe. We have worked with Asian companies going global and with multinationals seeking to take advantage of the dynamic growth of Asia’s markets. Our clients have included multinationals, Asian family-owned businesses, state-owned companies, start-ups and funds.

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Washington, DC

Understanding the impact of regulatory, legislative, and policy at the federal and state level

Global Counsel's work in the United States focuses on supporting firms and investors with exposure to US public policy who are seeking to understand how regulatory, legislative and other policy trends at the federal or state level will impact asset-level transactions or their portfolios as a whole.

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