UK Country Director

Alex leads Global Counsel's UK politics and policy practice. He previously worked as a special adviser to Theresa May at No 10 and the Home Office, and to David Cameron when he was prime minister.  

At Global Counsel, Alex advises corporates and investors on the issues that are driving policymakers in Westminster, Whitehall and devolved government, and how they can build up the political capital to be heard by decision makers. 

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Supporting major FTSE 100 employers to develop strategies for engaging on progressive tax reform and advocacy.
  • Working with corporates in the food and drink sector to develop a forward-looking whole sector approach to sustainability, health, and skills policy.
  • Advising investors on the risks and rewards from regulatory divergence following Brexit and the covid-19 pandemic.

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GC's 2021 Reading List

General Policy

At the end of each year, the Global Counsel team has a tradition of sharing among ourselves a selection of our favourite articles, books and podcasts. We also share the list with our network in what has become a staple of GC holiday communications. Some of this informs our day jobs, but most of it can also be filed against the (very) interesting times we live in.

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The politics and policy of Omicron in the UK

Health and Life Sciences

Since Omicron was first located just over a week ago – first reported to be found in South Africa, although reports have suggested that the variant was present in the Netherlands earlier than this – several countries have stepped up and responded quickly to reduce international travel and reintroduce domestic restrictions.

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General Politics

Boris Johnson’s conference friends and business foes

General Politics

Another October, another party conference season is over in the UK. With a speech to the Conservative faithful in the Manchester hall, the Prime Minister set out what the second half of his parliamentary term might look like. Crucially, while he gave details of what he wanted to do, questions about the cost of living, the NHS backlog and net-zero ahead of the October…

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