van der Wusten

Senior Associate

Alexander is a Senior Associate in the CEE, Russia and Eurasia practice. Alexander has experience working for the Dutch Foreign Ministry in Russia and research institutes in Georgia and Belarus. He holds an Msc in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam. 

At GC, Alexander advises clients in the technology and financial sectors on regulatory and political developments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He also covers policy developments in the Benelux and Nordic countries, focusing on the Netherlands. 

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Advising an international social networking service on content moderation, data localisation and taxation policy in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.
  • Supporting a European software company in navigating the regulatory and tax landscape in Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.
  • Working with a UK private equity fund to assess the Dutch healthcare policy framework for the acquisition of a local asset.

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New in nuclear – financing the transition in Central and Eastern Europe

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While Germany is proceeding with its final phase-out of nuclear power, in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), interest in building new nuclear plants continues to grow. Particularly in Poland, which currently does not have any reactors producing electricity, but also countries like Czechia, which proposes to increase the share of nuclear power in its energy mix from the…

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A year of war in Ukraine - retaliation, relocation, and reconstruction

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This week on the Global Counsel Podcast, Practice Director Alexander Smotrov, Associate Alexander van der Wusten, and Associate Magnus Obermann discuss the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on the business sector after a year of fighting. What does Ukraine's resilience mean for rebuilding efforts, why are businesses struggling to fully untangle…

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