Associate Director

Jens is an Associate Director in the global macro practice. He previously worked in investment research and has experience supporting investors during early and late-stage due diligence processes.

At Global Counsel, Jens advises clients on macroeconomic, political and geopolitical developments. He leads on China analysis and also focuses on South and Southeast Asia. As a Norwegian native, Jens covers political developments in the Scandinavian countries and is fluent in all three languages.

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Supporting financial services companies navigate political and geopolitical developments and changing macroeconomic trends in emerging markets.
  • Advising corporates in the extractives industry on market entry in both developed and emerging markets.
  • Working with a large European industrial advocacy body to develop policy and market strategy for the group’s 50+ members.

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The world economy enters the new year on shaky ground. The post-pandemic rebound is losing steam. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the geopolitical fallout is being felt across the globe. Inflation, rising interest rates and the strong US dollar are impacting countries in every region of the world. Major advanced economies are set to slow – or even contract - in 2023,…

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