Senior Associate
Johnny Luk

Johnny is a Senior Associate in the UK politics and policy practice. He previously ran for parliament in 2019 and worked on policy in both the private and public sector, including leading a national charity and serving in four government departments covering business, trade, digital and Brexit policies. 

At Global Counsel, Johnny works with clients across a range of sectors with a particular focus on emerging UK policy programmes impacting on businesses. 

Recent examples of his work include: 

  • Advising companies in the financial services sector on the drivers behind immigration policy. 
  • Working with a major food and drink representative body to liaise within industry and the government on their response to the national food strategy.
  • Providing a monitoring service to clients on latest covid policy developments in the UK.

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General Politics

UK immigration: open for business, but for how long?

General Politics

After nearly twenty years of public concern towards migration, politics in the UK may be undergoing a significant shift in immigration sentiment. Ipsos Mori recently published a striking poll, revealing the number of people who find immigration the most important policy issue, falling to just 5%, the lowest level since the 1990s. Exactly why this is happening is…

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