Senior Associate
Johnny Luk

Johnny is a Senior Associate in the UK Politics & Policy practice at Global Counsel. He was previously Head of Policy at The Adecco Group UK and a 2019 parliamentary candidate. Johnny has spent several years working in the civil service covering business, trade, and digital policies and previously ran the university enterprise charity NACUE, where in that capacity he advised the then Mayor of London Boris Johnson on start-up policy.

At Global Counsel, Johnny advises clients on UK policymaking and politics, including on agriculture and immigration policies.

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General Politics

UK immigration: open for business, but for how long?

General Politics

After nearly twenty years of public concern towards migration, politics in the UK may be undergoing a significant shift in immigration sentiment. Ipsos Mori recently published a striking poll, revealing the number of people who find immigration the most important policy issue, falling to just 5%, the lowest level since the 1990s. Exactly why this is happening is…

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