Senior Associate

Lilah is a Senior Associate in the UK policy and politics practice. She previously worked as a special advisor for both the Boris Johnson and Theresa May administrations. In the Chief Whip’s Office she worked across the government’s whole legislative agenda, with a particular emphasis on working with the opposition over EU exit legislation. While advising the Northern Ireland Secretary she worked predominantly on policy issues and stakeholder engagement, focusing on the issues surrounding EU exit and the Irish border, and the restoration of the devolved institutions. 

At Global Counsel, Lilah advises clients navigating UK policymaking and politics, helping companies anticipate and adapt to the development of government policy. 

Recent examples of her work include:  

  • Supporting clients navigating major legislative and regulatory change including the Online Harms Bill and the National Security and Investment Bill.
  • Advising financial services firms and corporates on the UK government’s net-zero agenda and intentions and its various sectoral strategies. 
  • Working with a major London landlord to devise collateral and an advocacy strategy on the future of work, following the disruption and change created by Covid-19.

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Then there were six, again, but time to look to the future

General Policy

In the aftermath of the largest energy company failure yet, attention in the UK is slowly shifting from the circumstances of Bulb’s administration, to what can be done by the government and regulator. Ultimately, this specific collapse must be seen in the context of the last 5 years, where the prevailing policy wisdom within the UK government has been that customers were…

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On the ground in Glasgow: everything you need to know from COP26


The UK’s presidency of the climate change conference COP26 was seized as an opportunity to define themselves as a leader in this space on the global stage. The key goals set out by Alok Sharma, COP26 President, was “cars, coal, cash, and trees”, with other important areas requiring resolution being the finalisation of the emissions trading chapter of the Paris Agreement.

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Could rising energy prices leave the industry out in the cold?

Energy & Commodities

Energy prices have been rising across the world over the past weeks. Energy prices fluctuations have already occurred in the past, but this time the world is emerging from a global pandemic and high gas and power prices could hamper recovery. End consumers impoverished by covid-19 are now faced with higher bills, and businesses are either pushed out of the market or…

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General Politics

Boris Johnson’s conference friends and business foes

General Politics

Another October, another party conference season is over in the UK. With a speech to the Conservative faithful in the Manchester hall, the Prime Minister set out what the second half of his parliamentary term might look like. Crucially, while he gave details of what he wanted to do, questions about the cost of living, the NHS backlog and net-zero ahead of the October…

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