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Max is a Senior Associate with Global Counsel’s US Financial Services practice. Max previously served as a policy adviser to a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, primarily handling financial services policy and other economic issues. Prior to that, he was the Senior Director for research and policy analysis at Forbes Tate Partners, advising clients on policy developments and developing government relations strategies in financial services, appropriations, technology, and defence.  

At GC, Max focuses on analysing U.S. policy within the financial services sector including on issues relevant to fintech and digital assets.  

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Terra’s collapse has intensified U.S. regulatory scrutiny surrounding stablecoins. What’s next?

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Last week’s price collapse of algorithmic stablecoin Terra has highlighted regulatory concerns surrounding stablecoins as U.S. policymakers have continued to examine potential policy frameworks for the growing asset class. As of this writing, Terra continues to trade well below its $1 target peg while sister token Luna has also plummeted in value, catalysed by a downdraft…

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