Senior Associate

Sewar is a Senior Associate in GC’s MENA practice. Prior to joining GC, Sewar worked at White & Case LLP and Dentons in Washington DC and Doha where she worked on antitrust cases and international arbitration covering corporations, international businesses, and foreign sovereigns. 

Sewar advises clients on geopolitical developments in the Middle East and North Africa. She provides strategic advice for clients with an interest in understanding policy and regulatory developments in the Middle East, especially related to foreign investment regimes and tech policy. She is a native English and Arabic speaker.

Recent examples of her work include:

  • Supporting a major tech client through providing a monthly geopolitical assessment report on the Middle East and larger North Africa focusing on regulations, policy and investment developments relating to tech, data, cloud, gaming, esports and media.
  • Supporting clients with stakeholder mapping of key government entities in the GCC, curation of meeting programs, and preparation for speaking engagements at major economic and investment forums.
  • Preparing regulatory assessment reports on data regulations and foreign investment laws under free zone jurisdictions.