Theresa is an Associate in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice. Before joining Global Counsel, Theresa worked at Control Risks, where she assessed threats to multinational clients as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Researcher. She also gained experience working in the German development agency GIZ where she supported business partnerships between Germany and Africa. 

At GC she works with tech clients such as Big Data and AI companies as well as trade associations to help them understand and navigate UK and EU policy spheres.

Recent examples of her work include:

  • Briefing clients ahead of meetings with government officials, preparing talking points and background information.
  • Conceptualising a cybersecurity and intelligence themed event for a client wishing to showcase their work and aiming to network across government, academia, and industry. 
  • Supporting outreach and engagement strategies ahead of major industry events in London and Paris. 

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After the Summit, what next for regulating generative AI?


In a special episode of the podcast, Conan D'Arcy and members of the GC team in London, Brussels and Washington, DC reflect on the outcomes of the AI Safety Summit, held in the UK last week, and explore outcomes of new, original research about public and policymaker appetite for AI regulation in 2024 and beyond.

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Doing more for less: how can the UK government transform its use of data?


The last few years have had a transformative effect on the UK public sector. The pandemic exacerbated existing inefficiencies and highlighted a lack of digital and data-led systems across Whitehall, while conversely demonstrating the potential of digitisation in the public sector and the opportunities which stem from a data-led approach. 

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