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Senior Associate

Alice advises investors, financial services firms, pharmaceuticals, food and drink, and manufacturing companies on policy and regulatory developments in food, biodiversity and agriculture.

Alice is a Senior Associate in the climate and sustainability practice at Global Counsel. Prior to joining GC Alice worked for the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, where she delivered innovative policy, programmes and research focused on sustainable agriculture and biodiversity to deliver the UK’s international climate finance targets, negotiated on behalf of the UK at marine and fisheries during Brexit and beyond. Her background spans public policy, consultancy, science and education, focused particularly on biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability and agriculture. 

At GC Alice specialises in advising clients on food, biodiversity and agriculture.

  • Developed a report providing advice to Qatar and other arid countries on developing a circular economy strategy including policy recommendations.
  • Advising clients on the EU’s deforestation due diligence directive. 
  • Analysing UK and EU policies around food and agriculture.