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Practice Director

Lilah advises clients navigating UK politics and policymaking, with a particular focus on helping clients engage on the UK's net zero policy, as well as the latest on national security and tech policy developments.

Lilah leads GC's UK politics and policy practice. She previously worked as a special advisor for both the Boris Johnson and Theresa May administrations. In the Chief Whip’s Office she worked across the government’s whole legislative agenda, with a particular emphasis on working with the opposition over EU exit legislation. While advising the Northern Ireland Secretary she worked predominantly on policy issues and stakeholder engagement, focusing on the issues surrounding EU exit and the Irish border, and the restoration of the devolved institutions. 

At Global Counsel, Lilah advises clients navigating UK policymaking and politics, helping companies anticipate and adapt to the development of government policy. 

Recent examples of her work include:  

  • Supporting clients navigating major legislative and regulatory change including the Online Harms Bill and the National Security and Investment Bill.
  • Advising financial services firms and corporates on the UK government’s net-zero agenda and intentions and its various sectoral strategies. 
  • Working with a major London landlord to devise collateral and an advocacy strategy on the future of work, following the disruption and change created by Covid-19.