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Thursday 14 September 2023 |
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How should Democrats campaign in 2024?

Online briefing with Matt Bennett, Executive VP for Policy, Third Way; and Erin Caddell, President, Global Counsel USA, discussing the 2024 US election campaign and how Democrats should plan to keep the White House and Senate, while attempting to regain the House.

The discussion covered:

  • Assuming Trump wins the Republican nomination again, how should Biden run against him? Is it enough for Biden and his team to portray a sense of normalcy relative to the volatility that always seems to surround Trump, particularly the legal cases that are sure to take up much of his time until the elections? Or does Biden need to focus more on Biden’s record and his proposed agenda in a second term? Should Biden’s strategy change much if another Republican candidate wins the nomination?
  • Third-party candidates have been a feature of American presidential elections for years, but have rarely been a factor in determining the outcome in recent memory – the last being Ross Perot in 1992. Why has Third Way made a point to emphasize the threat you see from a potential No Labels candidate in 2024? And what would you say to Democrats who are seeking an alternative to a second Biden run?
  • How do you see the battle for control of Congress shaping up in the coming elections? What will be the key factors that determine whether Democrats can hold on to their one-vote majority in the Senate, and win back control of the House given the narrow GOP margin in that chamber?

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