Australian elections: the international implications

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After almost a decade of centre-right leadership, Anthony Albanese emerged as Australia’s new Prime Minister following this week's elections. Yet uncertainty remains; Albanese's Labor Party ran on few policy specifics beyond a repudiation of incumbent Scott Morrison's guarded approach to climate, and surging turnout for the Greens prevented them from securing an outright majority. And it's not just Australians waiting anxiously to see how Albanese will govern---he is leading Australia in a moment of global uncertainty. How will he navigate Australia as its relationship with China remains tense, and what does he see as Australia's role in the broader international community?

This week on the podcast, Global Counsel Senior Director Stephen Adams discusses the results of the election and its broader implications with GC Senior Adviser Tiffany McDonald and Australian political expert Nick Rowley. McDonald brings her experience as an Australian diplomat to answer some of the big questions around Australia's foreign policy both in the ASEAN region and internationally, while Rowley provides a domestic policy perspective and explains what changes may be in store for climate policy. Finally, they discuss what businesses should expect from Australia's new leadership.

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