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Climate, energy and net-zero Climate, energy and net-zero

China’s role in climate diplomacy and the green transition: in conversation with Chengyu Fu and Peter Mandelson


In the lead-up to COP28 in Dubai, Global Counsel hosted a digital in-conversation between Global Counsel Chairman, Peter Mandelson, and Chengyu Fu, COP28 advisory committee member. Mr Fu has had over forty years of experience in the energy sector including as CEO of CNOOC, chairman of SINOPEC and a board member of the UN Global Compact.

The discussion explores China’s pivotal role in climate diplomacy and the green transition. Drawing on his extensive experience as a business leader and an adviser to the Chinese government, Mr Fu shares his insights on green transition progress and opportunities in China. He reflects on his involvement at previous COPs and international gatherings to discuss what political and business leaders can do to succeed at COP28.

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