Exploring the impact and outlook of the EU's Common Agriculture Policy

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Discussion of food policy in Brussels is dominated by the Common Agricultural Policy, an instrument created 60 years ago and the frequent subject of fierce renegotiation. A series of reforms in recent decades have sought to shift emphasis from subsidising production towards supporting rural development and incentivising stewardship of the environment.

Recorded for our Politics of Food conference series, Peter Mandelson, Chairman of Global Counsel, is joined by Janusz Wojciechowski, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. They discuss the impact and outlook for the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, consider the role of policy frameworks to maintain global supply chains for food, and examine the ways in which the EU model of food and farming support differs from approaches in other markets.


Food - and who gets it - is in many ways one of the oldest political questions of all. Despite a radical change in our capacity to produce and distribute food, it is not a question that has a definitive answer. To discover more insights from our Politics of Food conference, explore our global programme here:



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