The geopolitics of: infrastructure

General Politics

For many living in the US and the UK, encountering crumbling and inadequate infrastructure is a daily part of life. Yet, the tide may be turning. Last month's G20 Summit saw a large commitment to international infrastructure investment, and the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a rare bipartisan victory for US President Joe Biden. Why is infrastructure suddenly at the forefront after years of neglect, and, considering the competition between the Western and Chinese models of infrastructure investment, how does it tie into broader geopolitical struggles?

In this episode of our Geopolitics miniseries, Practice Director Jon Garvie is joined by Ali Miraj, Managing Director of Infrastructure Finance at ING and a former Conservative Party adviser. They talk through the infrastructure gap in the developing world, the shifting conversation around investment, and the connection between infrastructure and geopolitical competition. 

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