The geopolitics of: technology standards

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Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there’s been a lot of talk about the return of history. post-1989 assumptions that liberal democracy and open markets were the single models on which most countries would converge now look naïve at best.

The reality is that geopolitics never went away. But many of the most important policy struggles of the digital era have been taking place in technical arenas far from public view.

In each episode of this new GC Podcast mini-series, International Policy Practice Lead Jon Garvie will explore the policy debates – from infrastructure to cyber-security to sanctions – that will be fundamental to the business operating environment in the years ahead.

In this first episode, Jon is joined by Tomas Lamanauskas, candidate for Deputy Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union - often described as the most important international body you’ve never heard of.

Jon and Tomas discuss the role of the ITU, the challenges of regulating emerging tech, and the importance of keeping multilateral conversations going in a time of increasing polarization

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