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The Global Month Ahead: China-Arab summit, US-Africa Leaders meeting and interest rate decisions


Welcome back to the Global Month Ahead, our monthly podcast looking at the stories that will define the month to come.

In each episode, Global Macro Associate Director Isabelle Trick will hear from different members of the GC team to preview the month's stories before they are in the headlines.

  • Saudi Arabia to host surprise China-Arab summit. Scheduled to occur during President Xi’s visit to the kingdom on December 9th, the summit caps a year of increasingly strained relations between the US and Saudi Arabia. Director Ahmed Helal joins us to discuss what will be on the docket and what the broader implications of the summit could mean. 
  • Joe Biden hosts second US-Africa Leaders meeting. The first summit was held in 2014 by President Obama, and this year’s December 13-15th meeting is seen by some in Washington as an attempt by the US to repair relations with African nations following strained diplomacy under President Trump. Associate Sonia Vasconcellos joins from DC to unpack what we should be watching with Isabelle.
  • Year-end central bank meetings amid worsening conditions. Global inflation has emerged as one of the critical stories of the past year and will undoubtedly remain central in 2023. Senior Practice Director Thomas Gratowski and Senior Associate Krisztina Iszák join us to preview the year’s final Central Bank meetings in the US, UK and eurozone and look forward to the new year. 


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