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“Nothing and no one is off the table”: a new UK approach to individual sanctions and dirty money?


UK foreign secretary Liz Truss has declared that nothing is off-limits in terms of sanctioning individuals to put pressure on Putin and his Ukraine policy. In this week’s podcast, we ask how far this no-holds barred approach is true, not just in Russia but also more broadly. Has Russia’s invasion of Ukraine fundamentally changed the UK’s willingness to go after “the bad guys” – and their money – in future? This would not only mean an increase in political will to designate individuals abroad, but also continued change in the UK’s framework for tackling illicit finance at home. Both would be significant for a wide range of investors and corporates.

This week on the podcast, GC’s global investor services Senior Associate Felix Cazalet and Senior Practice Director Rebecca Park are joined by Charlie Loudon, who brings his unique perspective as an international legal advisor at REDRESS. REDRESS is a human rights law NGO that GC provides pro-bono support to as part of our social impact programme.

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