Retail and Rules of Origin after Brexit

Trade & Manufacturing

With UK-based distributors in retail and other sectors facing EU tariffs on products originating outside the EU, UK Politics and Policy Practice Lead Alex Dawson and Senior Director Stephen Adams examine how Rules of Origin requirements will affect eligibility for tariff-free access after Brexit and what this means for businesses.

In this podcast, they discuss:

  • The conventional nature of the Rules of Origin requirements in the UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement
  • The ways in which their impacts can be mitigated
  • How businesses should think about engaging with both the UK government the European Commission in order to lessen their impact.

With the UK-EU deal providing a framework for a relationship between the two parties, the debate around customs processing and how it can be improved will be a live one in the coming months. Please get in touch if you would like any help on how to navigate the Rules of Origin requirements either as they stand or how to develop mitigations in the future.

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