Russia – Ukraine: how much worse can it get?

Financial Services

Benjamin Wegg-Prosser and Rebecca Park are joined by Chris Weafer, a Moscow-based investment strategist and founding partner of Macro-Advisory, to talk through the sanctions’ impact on corporates and investors and the specific challenges they face in Russia and the wider region.

They discuss the sanctions’ short-term, medium-term and long-term impact on the international economy, how businesses are pivoting away from Russia, the effect of Russia’s countermeasures so far and what is still to come.


  • Benjamin Wegg-Prosser - Managing Director. See more insights from Benjamin here.
  • Rebecca Park, Senior Practice Lead for Financial Services. See more insights by Rebecca here.
  • Chris Weafer, Founding Partner, Macro-Advisory

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You can also watch the video recording of the discussion below.

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