Top in Tech: political ads, the Web Summit and the Digital Markets Act


‘Top in tech’ is a monthly episode from the GC tech policy team. Each month, the team lift the lid on the latest in Europe’s ‘techlash’, identifying where the debate is heading in London and Brussels, the politics behind it, and what this might mean for the apps and online services we use every day.

Conan D’Arcy Senior Practice Lead for TMT is joined by Senior Associate Max von Thun, Senior Associate, speaking from Brussels, who specialises in competition and transatlantic tech policy and Senior Associate Jack Keevill, who has a decade of experience in legislative policy in Brussels.

This month, they focus on:

1. The future of ad regulation and new EU legislation on the regulation of political advertising online. Will be this be an ambitious proposal or somewhat of a damp squib?

2. The Web Summit returned in person in Lisbon this month – was it a genuine ground for optimism of EU tech or was it more noise than substance?

3. The Digital Markets Act – what is it? What does it mean for the future of how you interact with tech?

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You can read Jack's blog on the politics of the Web Summit here


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