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Unpacking the latest NIP proposals


The European Commission has released its proposals on how to ease the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. They contain far-reaching proposals in some areas, such as facilitative measures for goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. They are light on details in others. Critically, they are silent on certain issues raised by the UK government, such as the role of the European Court of Justice in governing the protocol. As EU and UK negotiators now enter into several weeks of intensive talks, the key question remains – are they enough to break the current impasse?

Stephen Adams, Senior Director; Denzil Davidson, Adviser on EU Institutions; and Elly Darkin, Senior Associate break down the core elements of the proposals and analyse their practical and political feasibility. They reflect on what this means for the future of the protocol and what applicability, if any, the proposals might have for wider EU/UK relations.

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