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The chain in the network: new thinking on supply chains


Over the last few months, GC has been fortunate to work as the Research Partner for R2 Factory, interviewing leading supply chain professionals on how they see their work after the covid-19 pandemic and against a backdrop of evolving demands on supply chains. Their basic answer: they have stopped thinking about supply chains, and started thinking in terms of networks of interdependencies. 

In the report R2 Factory launched this week we draw out some of the implications of this shift:

  • New insight into where supply systems are exposed to disruption and failure, through indirect suppliers, indirect dependencies and constraints on supply substitution.
  • New insight into the critical dimensions of what we call deep sourcing and product circularity – the question of the social and environmental conditions from which a supply system input ultimately emerges, and what happens to its constituent parts after consumption. 
  • A whole new dimension of complexity – but the potential to turn understanding of the complexity into a new level of resilience,  sustainability and confident regulatory compliance.  

Download the report here

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