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The State of the Border - business experience of the UK border 2022


Despite plenty of wider volatility, UK trade and transit data for 2022 begin to reveal the longer-term implications of both EU exit and the covid pandemic.

Global Counsel and ClearBorder surveyed 300 businesses with experience using the border covering the period January to November 2022. In the State of the Border report we set these survey results against UK-EU trade and transit data to ask how trader experience may be reflected in changing trade and transit strategies on EU-UK routes. We compare this 2022 experience with similar data from 2021.  

Coverage of the report includes: 

  • What trade and transit data tell us about the ways that EU and UK firms are responding to operating under the new EU-UK FTA framework and how EU exit is impacting UK trade with the EU and UK port usage; 
  • The rising perception of growing delivery times globally, the factors that traders believe are driving this, including the operation of the UK border and the strategies they are adopting to manage it; 
  • The apparent growing confidence of UK traders in importing and exporting from the EU under the new framework. 

Watch: The key results and insights of the State of the Border 2022 report

Stephen Adams, Senior Director, Global Counsel and Christopher Salmon, founder, clearBorder, present the findings of the report and discuss the implications for 2023


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