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The IRA and GDIP: Much more than just a subsidy war

Financial Services

Ben Bassett

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has fired the starting gun on what is likely to be a new era of industrial policy around the green transition and, set alongside the CHIPS Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, marks a wide shift in US policy. It has also triggered an anxious response from the EU with the Green Deal Industrial Plan (GDIP), and although they are often…

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What are the UK's options in the face of an EU-US clean tech subsidy race?

Trade & Manufacturing

Kelly Satchell

The US’ Inflation Reduction Act and the EU’s Green Deal Industrial Plan potentially pose a challenge for mid-size markets like the UK caught between these two fronts of evolving industrial policy. But what exactly is at risk? Does the UK’s new Subsidy Control Act give the country scope to respond? And what other constraints might define the way the UK – and other similar…

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