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Ed is a Senior Associate in the global macro practice. Prior to joining Global Counsel, Ed worked as a research analyst for a public policy think tank where he conducted economic analysis on emerging markets, primarily in Africa. He also holds an Economics degree from the University of Bath, which included a placement year as a research associate within the alternative assets industry.

At GC, Ed examines the geopolitical and macroeconomic environment and analyses the impact of policy changes on clients across a range of sectors. 

Recent examples of his work include: 

  • Analysing how the increasing focus on Asia in the UK’s foreign policy strategy might create opportunities for companies in the mining sector.
  • Reviewing and synthesising research on the economic impact of the pandemic and the policy challenges this is presenting for clients.
  • Monitoring and assessing upcoming macroeconomic or political events which may impact client decisions.

Latest Insights by Ed King

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Position for uncertainty: global macro themes for 2024

General Policy

The world is undergoing rapid change, but the direction of developments is not always obvious. This is especially so in 2024. Our ten macro themes reflect this reality. Governments, corporates and investors around the world will have to deal with an uncertain environment and ensure they are prepared for a wide range of outcomes and risks.

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Global Month Ahead: G20 Leaders’ Summit, Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the Union address, and the IEA’s inaugural Critical Minerals Summit.

General Policy

On this month’s episode of the Global Month Ahead, Associate Director Isabelle Trick is joined by Senior Associate Ed King, Europe Director Tom White, and Associate Giulia Pasquali to discuss the G20 Leaders’ Summit, Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the Union address, and the IEA’s inaugural Critical Minerals Summit.

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Why the time is right to pay attention to India’s increasing global influence

Trade & Manufacturing

This week on the Global Counsel Podcast, Senior Adviser Tiffany McDonald is joined by Associates Ross Nugent and Ed King to unpack India's growing significance in global trade and diplomatic relations. They unpack whether India can weather a global economic slowdown, the country's position towards the Ukraine war, and preview upcoming events that will shape these…

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