Group Director

Erin is a Group Director and President of Global Counsel USA in Washington, DC. Erin previously worked for a US-based policy analysis firm, as well as in investment management, equity research, investment banking and journalism. He has experience in policy analysis across a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, energy/environment, technology and education. 

At Global Counsel, he works with US-based and non-US-based clients across sectors to assess the outlook for US policy. 

Recent examples of his work include: 

  • Analysing the outlook for US consumer-finance policy under the new Administration for a firm in the prepaid debt card space.  
  • Advising a US-based investor client on the federal and state environment for alternative teacher certification programs, which place teachers in public schools who have not pursued traditional education degrees.
  • Joining a cross-border GC team to provide buy-side due diligence on a target that provides personal electronic monitoring services in the criminal-justice and elder-care markets in the US, Canada and several other global markets.

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General Politics

Thoughts on domestic policy implications of a second Trump presidency

General Politics

What does all this mean for corporates and investors? We are sidestepping in this analysis the many social, foreign-policy and other thorny issues that a second Trump term would bring, which would likely overshadow the implications of such an event on corporates and investors with US interests. The future of US support for Ukraine, hot-button issues like public education…

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Financial services icon

US regional banking crisis and the need for deposit insurance

Financial Services

Financial markets and the banking system breathed a sigh of relief on May 1st following news that First Republic, the troubled San Francisco-based lender that had hovered on the edge of failure for days, would be acquired by JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank, with funding and loss-sharing support provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC). The S&P…

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General Policy icon

Implications of USG actions post-SVB collapse

General Policy

In an extraordinary series of developments on March 12th, US policymakers – the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – jointly announced that the federal government would protect all depositors of SVB Financial (ticker: SIVB). The parent company of Silicon Valley Bank, a major financier to the US venturebacked…

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General Politics

Silver linings: Post-midterms divided government would slow new Biden rules – but not spending from recent bills

General Politics

With high inflation, rising interest rates and a choppy stock market through much of 2022, US companies and their investor owners can be forgiven for focusing on downside risks of late. But the high degree of economic uncertainty is obscuring what is likely to be an improved, though still noisy public-policy environment for American businesses in 2023 and 2024. 

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