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Global Month Ahead: US presidential election, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Presidential election in Indonesia.


Welcome back to the Global Month Ahead, Global Counsel's briefing on the events and stories that will define the month to come.

In each episode, Global Macro Associate Director Isabelle Trick hears from different members of the GC team to preview the month's stories before they are in the headlines.

On this month’s episode, Isabelle is joined by Erin Caddell, President of Global Counsel USA from Washington DC, Associate Magnus Obermann, in London and based in our Europe and Eurasia team, and our lead Indonesia analyst, Associate Dedi Dinarto from Singapore.

  • Erin covers the upcoming US presidential election and the potential rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. He explores key dates and events in the election calendar, Biden's domestic and foreign policy priorities, the focus of a potential second Trump presidency in 2025, and the reasons behind Trump's popularity despite the controversies and criminal accusations.
  • With the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on the horizon, Magnus discusses its implications for the war, business, and international politics. He highlights how the war marked the return of geopolitics and its lasting impact on trade and investment.
  • Finally, Dedi discusses the upcoming presidential election in Indonesia, scheduled for February 14th. He provides an overview of the three top candidates and their platforms, what it takes to win the election and what role outgoing President Joko Widodo is playing.

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