Senior Director
Stephen Adams

Stephen is a Senior Director of Global Counsel. Stephen has almost twenty years of experience in European and British public policy and regulation, chiefly in the field of trade policy, cross-border financial services policy and European integration.

He has advised senior politicians and policymakers in roles in the European Parliament, European Commission and Whitehall, generally with a focus on trade and cross-border economic policy. He has also been an Executive Director of Goldman Sachs International, based in London.

At Global Counsel, Stephen manages teams advising Global Counsel clients navigating EU and UK policymaking and politics, anticipating and adapting to political and policy change.

Stephen is an Honorary Fellow in Department of Political Science at University College London where he teaches international political economy and provides professional training for international trade negotiators.

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Unpacking the UK Budget

General Policy

On a call for the Global Counsel network, Stephen Adams, Senior Director, Alex Dawson, UK Politics and Policy Practice Lead and Rebecca Park, Financial Services Practice Lead examine the newly-announced UK Budget for 2021 and what it means for businesses and investors. They focus on key questions on the future of covid support schemes like furlough and business loans,…

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Russia and China tackle internet regulation


Senior Associate, Jens Presthus, and Associate, Frederick Michell, join Senior Director, Stephen Adams, to look at internet regulation in China and Russia. They explore how digital companies, both foreign and domestic, could be affected by future regulation and how each country plans to tackle misinformation. Their discussion highlights that the two countries, whilst…

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Regulating the gatekeepers: recent big tech policy in the US and Europe


Senior Associates Miranda Lutz and Max von Thun join Senior Director Stephen Adams to analyse what anti-trust law proposals in the US, UK and the EU mean for tech companies operating in each of these respective jurisdictions and question whether reform can truly be meaningful without international collaboration.

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