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Stephen is a Senior Director at Global Counsel. Over the last twenty years, Stephen has worked as a policy adviser on international trade and the EU single market in the European Parliament, as an advisor in DG Trade in the European Commission and an adviser to the British Secretary of State for Business. He was also an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in London, where he worked on political risk in cross border M&A and supply chain design. Stephen is an Honorary Senior Research Associate in the School of Politics at University College London, where he lectures on contemporary aspects of public-policymaking, international trade policy and trade and investment politics.

At Global Counsel he chiefly supports the trade, investment and financial services policy practices, with a focus on industrial and trade policy, supply chain design and corporate internationalisation. He works with senior leaders in many GC clients to deepen and develop their engagement with public policymaking.

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Advising companies across multiple sectors on supply chain resilience after Brexit, with focus in areas such as customs processing, rules of origin and client novation in financial services.
  • Collaborating with a major UK Trade Association to produce a review of UK trade policy for the financial services sector and recommendations for the UK and other governments on how to design a trade policy for financial services. 
  • Providing expert training for the UK FCO and DIT in a number of trade policy sub-fields including services trade, IP rights in trade policy and level playing field provisions in trade law.

Stephen Adams is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist training on trade policy for both public policymakers and trading companies. Learn more about his trade policy training.

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Trade & Manufacturing

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Regulating the future workplace: what businesses want from policymakers in the changing world of work


Regulating the future workplace is Global Counsel’s new report on the future of employment regulation. The report examines the impact of technology on our workplaces and considers the views of businesses on the need for new regulations. Based on a survey of over 200 business leaders, this is the first report of its kind, previewing the issues that will define the modern…

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Australian elections: the international implications

General Politics

After almost a decade of centre-right leadership, Anthony Albanese emerged as Australia’s new Prime Minister following this week's elections. Yet uncertainty remains; Albanese's Labor Party ran on few policy specifics beyond a repudiation of incumbent Scott Morrison's guarded approach to climate, and surging turnout for the Greens prevented them from securing an outright…

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