Morten Petersen MEP: Will Fit for 55 get the EU to net zero?

Energy & Commodities

The Fit for 55 package currently being negotiated sets out much of the legislative backbone that will drive Europe toward net zero. A key challenge that could break the green deal’s success is achieving effective integration of energy systems in transport, industry and power production across the 27-member bloc. Billions of investments are at stake and European operators and investors are likely to have to deal with a very different regulatory framework over the coming years.

Morten Petersen MEP, a leading MEP in the liberal Renew Europe Group, representing Denmark as part of the Det Radikale Venstre Party, Tom White, Director at GC; and Giorgio Corbetta, Senior Associate at GC explore what the Fit for 55 package means for the energy, transport and power industries.

They focus on potential role of “sector coupling” in the EU’s energy and climate strategies, initial reactions to the Fit for 55 package in the Renew Europe group and the European Parliament, and implications for the EU’s role in global emissions reduction.

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