Six weeks later: how the Ukraine invasion has changed the world

General Politics

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has entered its second month, and Global Counsel continues to go beyond the headlines to cover the crisis through interactive events, in-depth analysis, and daily briefings.

On this week’s podcast, Alexander Smotrov, Practice Lead, CEE, Russia and Eurasia, chairs a panel of Global Counsel experts to discuss the latest developments in the crisis and reflect on our recent event series covering the impact of the conflict on different regions and sectors.

Senior Associate Anikó Zsebik updates us on the emerging refugee flows from Ukraine, Associate Beata Stepantchenko talks about the ongoing economic ramifications for investors, and Associate Alexander van der Wusten dives into the response from businesses inside Ukraine. Finally, we look ahead towards possible future scenarios for the crisis.

Global Counsel will continue to cover future developments in the weeks and months to come.

The views expressed in this podcast can be attributed to the named participant(s) only. 

Global Counsel is going beyond the news cycle to analyse what the conflict means for businesses and policymakers in the region and beyond. View all of our coverage by clicking here.


The views expressed in this note can be attributed to the named author(s) only.