Practice Lead, US Political Due Diligence
Chris Rinkus

Chris is a Practice Lead for US Political Due Diligence in our Washington, DC office. Chris has more than ten years’ experience in US government and public policy. He most recently served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education at the US Department of Education, where he led policy development and managed a multi-billion dollar innovation fund. Earlier in his career, he was budget director and later chief financial strategist for the Washington, DC public school system. Chris also spent time as a senior partner at a high-growth technology start-up. 
At Global Counsel US, Chris advises clients on US policy and regulatory development, emerging trends, and political risk. 

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The $200 bn question: Stimulus bill provides unprecedented funding for US schools, big opportunity for ed-tech

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Late last week, President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan (ARP), a massive $1.9 trn stimulus that will provide billions in funding to public school systems across the United States. The scale is unprecedented, with more than $122 bn allocated for elementary and secondary schools (commonly referred to as K-12 schools in the US). Combined with the two other major…

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